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Chance of me being a diabetic?

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OK, to make it short, I play ice hockey, and I'm goalie. It's a very tiring sport, and sometimes, when I just have too much to do, I start to feel dizzy, and nautious, and the noise starts to build up in my head. When that happens, I usually drink some powerade, or eat a chocolate bar or something, and I'll be fine again, however, when I drink water, it doesn't seem to go away as quick as with the powerade or chocolate bar.


I'm going to see a doctor soon, to get checked on diabetis, but do you think there's a chance of me having it, or could it be something else?

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Could be... thats what happens to my grandpa... he is old (obviously) and doesnt play sports or anything.. but sometimes when he is driving he gets the same things.. so he pulls over and eats a candy or chocolate bar and then he is fine....


Diabetes runs in my family and I dont have it yet but I was told that I may in the next two years...


The same thing happens to my bf when he hasnt eatten for a few hours.. is it possible that you are just really hungry???

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I suggest you just go and visit your doctor who will be able to to tell you if you are or not, dont be drawing conclusions at this early stage, im sure there are many different things that it could be.


Before you go to the doctor, ask both of your parents if any of your grandparents or great-grandparents had diabetes, if any of them did then there is a greater chance of you having diabetes and your doctor would probably like to know this.



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I agree with abcd1234 in that there could be another explanation for your dizziness. My friend gets dizzy and even collapses sometimes when she over-works herself and after sugar and dairy she feels better. Turns out she's lackin in Iron or something like that. But if it is diabeties just remember that it's managable if it is, especially when it's discovered early. Do you have any other signs of diabeties such as excessive thirst or tiredness (I think these are two, there are more I know). Perhaps if you research it it might help you out a little more and perhaps put your mind at ease until you see the doctor. Fingers crossed for you hun.



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My boyfriend of 1.6 years has been a type 1 diabetic since he was 15. So I know all about diabets, i cook his meals and bla bla bla.


When you are diabetic the first symptoms are usually this


if your sugar level lis HIGH 130 is like bordering what normal is at a semi high level for a healthy person and diabetics should always keep it between 80-130. but you shouldnt feel much if its 130-you should feel the following symptoms if your blod glucose were to read 180 and up.

your skin gets very dry, and certain areas can get flaky

you have constantly urinate

your very thirsty

sometimes its hard to urinate (you just can't!) and can be quite painful

(these are the more obvious symptoms you should be able to recognize)


Now in cases of hypoglicemia (low blood sugar) usually would feel this when sugar levels reach the 50's, 40's, 30's (in the 30's you're close to passing out)



blurred vision

numbness through hands, arms, body etc.

fatigued, sleepy

(among others)


this is why it is so important for diabetics to check their sugar before they nap or sleep. even throughout the day just to make sure. My boyfriend always drinks a gatorare/powerade when playing basketball (he plays often it helps regulate his blood glucose levels) since his blood sugar goes low due to cardio.


If you have any of these symptoms please contact your dr. immidiately. Diabetes is something that needs to be treated.


I hope you're alright though.

Good luck!

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Well, when I play excessive sports, especially hockey, I do sometimes feel extremely dizzy, and my vision is a little blurred, and I'm sleepy, but that is only sometimes, when I tend to do tough exercises, that require me to move a lot in a small amount of time (I play goal).


and when I feel like that (as above) the noise from my team mates skating seems to build up in my head, so I have to sit down, and drink some sports drink or something.


other times I have felt a little numbness in my fingers, but this could also be due to drumming (I'm a drummer) so I never worried about that.


I used to think it might just be because;

1. I am not fit enough.

2. it is because I am a little sick (which I was once as it happened).

3. I'm just dehydrated.


I'm only 16, and I haven't really experienced those things before around half a year ago. I asked my mom what the possibility of me having diabetes is, and she says that she's pretty certain that I don't have it. She said that one would have seen it in my blood (I had blood samples taken around a year ago, for a test to check what alergies I have)...

She added, that I probably just have too low blood sugar, or not enough vitamins...


I'll probably go check with a doctor, and see what he thinks.

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