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What happens when you run out of things to say?


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Well , I havent exactly ran out of things to say... but I have a friend (best friend) and we've been like bros for the last 7 months and went through a lot. It seems like I'm getting short on what to say.... is that just part of "being comforable" or what? I need some tips on what maybe I could talk about or something..... How do I come up with fresh ideas?

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I take it you've just moved to highschool in the past year, me and my (ive had since 4th grade) went through a short time where we didn't talk much. But it passed and now we go to the same college and party with each other. Usually this point and time for you has to deal with you guys trying to find where to fit in/ what crowdes to run with. If you guys have benn long term friends you should end up falling into the same groups.

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