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Suffering from Depression!!!

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Well its me again


I really don't know why i have been putting my physical appearance at the top of my priorites. It's just that seeing other people and the way they seem like there flawless makes me even more down. Im the same guy who posted the Scar disscusion, and thanks for the responses but It seemed to get worse.

I knoe other people have more legit reasons to be down, but the way i see it is that no matter how small a problem might seem to be to us it can be a big deal for the person suffering from it. Which i happened to be In this case.


I need some helpful words to maybe help me snap out of this setback in my life. Thank-you.

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People are not flawless. Everyone has their own insecurities, whether they're apparent to you or not. I believe that happiness involves an understanding & acceptance of yourself, and right now it seems like you're in a competition with others that's putting down your own self-worth. Competition is one of the reasons for unhappiness (I got that from the famous philosopher/mathematician Bertrand Russell. It's also quite documented..) So if you want to get out of your rut, you will have to learn to love yourself, not thinking abuot the greatness of others, because that will just put you down. Everyone has something great about them. I would consider your drive for self-improvement one of those qualities -- it shows potential for achievement.


Just stop thinking about others & put yourself first -- you deserve it.


Hope that helped (I tried to be inspirational at least.. )



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You are not alone regardin' physical appearances. Honestly, I believe "everyone" feels it--some more then others. The secret is how to cope with destructive thinking. A pattern that needs to be broken!


That's the goal--to demolish that negative pattern of thinking. You need to believe in yourself and others will see what you feel.


The magic word is, empowerment. Empower yourself. Just like exercising your body, exercise your pattern of thought--make an honest effort to think positively of yourself. Say you're okay, smile at yourself. Allow yourself to grow into you--you're still young and there's so much that will change in your life (along with your pattern of thinking).


Be proud to be you. You are special and despite your scar you are lovely, you just don't know it right now. The scar, I'm sure, gives you character and that added enigmatic feature women will be curious about (give it time), and men will envy.

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