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Why am i still dreaming about her?

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i got over her now, i have no more tears to cry... i do miss her though, but why am i still having dreams about her, this one time i had a dream where i was riding the bus and she was walking on the street and i just drove past her... and the other last night was when i went to her house and i saw her and her garage was emptied out and so was her house, and she said seh was moving so i left and my friend started talking to her and i started to cry so much, and then i woke up. this makes me feel sad , she doesnt even talk to me in rael life or anything anymore...

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How long has it been since you broke up with her? How long were you together? I had just broke up with my girlfriend of seven and a half years a couple of days ago, and every night so far, I've been waking up often because I was thinking about her in my dreams. Maybe you really aren't over her yet?

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The depth of emotional life is betrayed by dreams. Just because you are over her doesn't mean you are done with the feeling. It doesn't mean anything other than you feel this deeply.


The last time I awoke weeping I had dreamed of being embraced by my grandfather long dead, who I felt was taken too early. The thought of that dream moment still gets me.

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