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Feelings for girl I work with

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So over the past month or so I started talking to this girl at work - it all started with the casual 'hello/how are you/i'm so and so etc. etc.' We only really started talking when we talked about each others relationships and how mine took a turn for the worst but anyways, fast forward to now and we talk every day at work(and you'll see why only at work), through out the day - all the time. And our conversations can be about anything at all, we more so just entertain each other until the day is done but she is so easy to talk to and I can always make her laugh and vice versa and the fact she's a super cute girl doesn't hurt either, but of course I've started to really like this girl. Admittedly I do give off a flirtatious vibe that I'm sure she's noticed and hasn't seemed to care, but I just love talking to her and being around her, it's like she gives off a happy presence (if that makes any sense at all) that it rubs off on me. And she will call me over to keep her company and talk to her since we sit like a 2 feet away. But the only reason nothing has happened or I haven't made a move is because.. she's married. I know I shouldn't be doing this and I wouldn't want to ever ruin anything she has but I feel like I just can't help it. Putting myself in the guys position I know for myself, I definitely wouldn't like what's going on at all but geez, it's so hard..


Guess this was more of a rant.. sorry

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