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Has anyone got their ex after a rebound?What are the options to proceed?

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Well you would be taking a huge risk by taking her back under these circumstances because the likelyhood is that she is just rebounding back. That isn't really a great foundation on which to build a relationship. You have to remember that the relationship ended for a reason in the first place.

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no just asking...because one part of me wants to fight for her...and the other thinks its the biggest mistake in my life dating her lol


Depends on how you broke up first. If it was just circumstance, IE; She had to move for family reasons. Due to working hours you two never got to spend time together, then you're probably okay as long as that situation has changed.

If you broke up because of trust issues, she cheated on you, betrayed you, you caught her lying about you, making you feel insecure or anything of a similar nature.


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