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Didn't notice that i had an orgasm

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MY girlfrined and i were having sex.it was the first time for me pretty much and while i has doing it with her i was hard for about 10 to 20 minuts around there. then next thing i know i was already down and the condom had to cum inside. it was alot of cum i guess. but I was wondering how was that if i dind't even feel the pleasure. should i worry about this because i was expecting to have an explosive orgasm, instead i had a surprise one that i didn't feel. Has this happen to annyone? i would reallly like to read other peoples advice. thanks.

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Maybe they're too shy to reply. Perhaps it happens often, or just in the early stages of your sexual experiences. I don't think you're abnormal--just new to the experience. In time your orgasmic prowess will come. Practice makes perfect (well, almost). Can't be all perfect, can we now.

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