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Well, I've sort of been seing this guy(it's complicated) but someone I know told me that lately, this guy likes to fool around with a lot of different ppl.....the prob with that is that the person who told me that might just be looking to keep me away from this guy....I'm not sure...So, bassically, my question is how can you tell if a guy is really into you?

any hints they usually"give out"?...

Any help appreciated!

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That is true- You can tell whether someone is interested in you by the way they talk, touch, flirt, etc. However, from experience I know that many people who have a reputation for hooking up with multiple people have this down to a science. They can look at you like they're interested. They touch you like they want to get closer to you. Some I know have done this so many times this flirtatious behavior has been engraved in their personality, leading many girls on to thinking they're interested. With people who may have a reputation, you have to take more time and look a littler deeper than the things you can see.


Just ask youself some questions. How is the conversation? Is he staring down other girls as they pass by? Is he almost overly touchy? Is his flirting to a point of pervertedness? That's just a start.


While someone may be trying to tear you two apart, it is always good to be on your toes. I, in fact, always looked for these signs just to be sure I wasn't getting involved with a player type, regardless of things I have heard. It is never good to pass judgement, especially based on what someone else has said, but it is always good to be aware.

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Well you said you are "sort of" seeing this guy...and that it is "complicated". Hoenstly I don't know what could be very complicated. Either you are dating or your not dating. Or your seeing each other or your not seeing each other. If you are just "sort of" seeing each other, then he probably is messing around with other girls, you happen to be one of them.


Like I said...You said it is complicated and sort of...so i don't know how else to take this besides what I mentioned above.



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I agree with the guy above me. If he has a reputation of just playing around with girls' minds, then I suggest you talk to him about it. Ask him straight up if he's just messing with you, or not. The tricky part about this is, if he is just messing with you, he'd want to keep you around and tell you he's not. I dont know really. I'm in the same situation you are. Doesn't it suck? At least you two are talking though. As for the girl..Is she a trusthworthy source? Someone you know wouldn't lie to you, or decieve you? If you don't know her on a personal level, and just told you straight that he's just messing with you or something...you shouldn't take it too seriously. Other people's opinions are based on their own emotions. You should decide on your own. Though I do think that if you want to be a bit on the serious note with this guy, then go and be upfront with him. If he's just playing around with you, then you either play back or just drop it all together. Dropping it would be the safer route. Because a guy like that isn't worth your time. Hah. Wow. I think I gave myself my own advice without knowing it. lol. Well, good luck with you.

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Hi there,

When somebody likes you it's pretty clear. The fact that you need to ask what the signs are is a bit telling... don't you think?


Usually when someone like you they are consistent. They call when they say they will. They keep dates with you or else let you know why they can't make it and are considerate. They don't stand you up. They treat you with respect and value your opinion. They don't lie to you constantly or look for ways to make you feel bad about yourself. Basically when someone is into you they treat you special because you are special to them.


When a guy is not that into you---you can tell because he will only call when it's convenient for him. He will break dates if he is not "in the mood" He will try to get you to go to him instead of coming to pick you up...and he will usually make it clear that he is still seeing other people.

I'm sure there is more this is all I could think of at this hour


If this guy is making you feel insecure and you don't trust him then it's time to take a good look at the relationship. Judge for yourself though, don't rely on someone else's criteria.


Good luck

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