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In the hands of the world/...Another Day...


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Another Day:


She sits alone

A heart of gold turned cold

An outcast

to every eye

Her hands creased with sorrow

her feet bare with the winter frost

She looks through the eyes of passerbys

searching for charity and compassion

None take to her plea

The merciless wind screams its icy breath onto her neck taking

her breath away

yet to the

empt y eye it remains another

merciless day


In the hands of the world:


Salty seas of grief pour from heavy hearted souls

leaving despair and confussion

the icy breath of death breaths hardly on the hopeless and lonely

The tickey of rest passed upon the stoic

Breathless of life

entered into life they embrace warmth and seek


Below the feet of the Almighty lies

the souls of the sorrowful

there they will hang upon the throne of darkness

Flames burn the tar drenched souls from which the worlds hands

have grasped and snached to corruption

Hypnotizing souls to follow societies life

Turning to wise psalms and words of hope helps

lead smoothing fingertips upon prayer beads feeding

love from the finger tips to the soul

sending vibes of hope, love, charity and good will

Thoughts become clear, awakening the resting souls

bringing new sight of life into the hands of the world.

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