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Trying to understand, im ignorant (cutting)

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"cutting" seems to be the new thing going around. im trying to understand it. so to anybody who does it, let me know if im on the right track.


i know when i get really really really angry ill be alone and ill punch something, punch it hard. whether it be a wall, a door, pretty much anything. this only happens when im furious, not just mad but enraged with anger...so not often. but anyways..normally it would hurt real bad but cause im so angry it feels good, like letting go of all that anger through my fist.


now is cutting like that but a reaction to different emotions? is it like when your so upset/depressed/anxiety about something you do it and although it would normally hurt it feels good cause your letting go of all those feelings? is that what its like?


i dont do it, and at first my thoughts were, how can these people do it, its so stupid and self destructive. then i realized i punch things. granted its not as bad..but its still self destructive. im just trying to understand and for anyone who does it feel free to respond and also...please please get help. my ex gf (after leaving me) did it and it scared the hell out of me so i'd like to understand it more. i tried getting her help but she freaked out on me...dunno what else i could have done.

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hmm well cutting isn't really a new thing, been around for as long as I can remember. Punching the wall is a physical reaction to your emotions. Cutting can be a reaction. But as some posters have mentioned it can also become an addiction.


The sensation felt when cutting can be stimulating for some. Some people like the feelings it creates. It's a dangerous behaviour that needs to be addressed. You did the right thing with your Ex even if she hated you for it.


Punching the wall is really counter productive. It's a proven fact that when you act out your anger in an attempt to release it you only foster it's growth. You have to release your anger in non aggressive ways to release it. deep breaths, walking away and drinking (well maybe not the last one) are good ways to avoid building anger and hurting your hand.



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I cut so i kno wut its like but yet i still dont exactilly understand it but i do understand some and that is some ppl cut cuz they're trying to get rid of stress or something with depression but its definitly not at all the best way of reliving the pain that u feel inside it can actually make it worse. cutting can actually become very addicting and it can be hard to stop and it could led up to other problems. It was rite of u 2 tell someone about ur ex its only gonna help her even though she maybe mad at you she'll evenually realize that you were trying to help and that you cared


i hope this gives u an idea of wut its kinda about

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When a person SI's it is a coping mechanism to whatever is going on in their enviornment. It is a way to get rid of whatever stressors go on in a persons life.

I don't know about anyone else but for me, when I cut, I hurts like heck. But afterwards I feel so relieved.

Cutting and SI doesn't get rid of the emotions but it makes you feel better. I know in the end it's futile and pointless but for some reason I cant stop. Sorta.... addictive.

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I've cut for a few years now and i guess it just replaces emotional pain with physical pain. I do it because i don't really no what else to do. I honestly and just as confused a person doing it as you may be wondering about it.


I do however disagree with your statement that it seems to be the new thing it has grown more popular with people admitting it, but in no way it is new. In Mark Chapter 5 verses 1-20 in the bible, you can see self injury. If self injury is in the bible, i wonder, how long has it truly been around? yeah in the bible it does say it's wrong but i personally don't believe in god, but i believe that self injury has been around for some time. I'm sorry that i went off on how long it's been around. i'm just not thrilled w/ my elders saying it's a 'NEW' thing

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As I was once told...


"Cutting is just the dressing". Basically.


And I think that's true for a lot of people. Cutting isn't the problem...WHY a person is cutting is the problem. Whey did they get to the point to where they needed to do this? So many times we get caught up in the 'cutting' that we forget there is real pain lying underneath this distraction. I think...(especially with people who share their cutting habits and show their scars, etc)...that we are also trying to build a distraction from people seeing the real issues too *on some level*. It's so much easier to flash a scar than to explain all of these locked up painfully personal feelings...I don't know...it's complicated. But on that note, I don't think it is always the best choice to tell someone about a friend's cutting. Sometimes, yes. But not always. Don't betray a friend's trust when really maybe all they need is a just friend to listen to them and care about them. It depends on the case and the person of course. It's hard to really 'hit the mark' on this one because cutting is different for everyone.


Hope that helped somewhat. [/i]

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