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asking out a girl

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I think the best way is to ask her where it is not a direct yes/no answer like "Will you go out with me"? I think you gotta make it sound good like "Hey, I was thinking of going to _____________ (wherever) with someone, do you want to come? Or "Hey, I think it would be really fun if we did something together sometime" or something to that nature.


Don't catch her cold and make it sound relaxed - actually, I feel saying "going out" or "date" when u r asking her out is a good thing NOT to do.

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Ok, Ive posted about this a couple times, with not much of a response on what to say, So ill try to help you out as best as i can, It really depends how much you know the girl, I guess now I can only give you personal experience, What I did was, I planned out something to say, And I said, OK, im not waiting anymore IM doing this here and now, but the way the the conversation was I couldnt, so we were walking together and about to separate, I completely went blank, didnt do a thing that was planned (which is good, this worked out better) and I dont know how, the words just came out she just started to walk away, i said can I ask you a question she turned around and said wut? I looked into her eyes and said, will you go out with me? In my opinion, It went awesome, the way she responded showed me it was good, she just looked back at me and said yes, but her voice was really weak liek she just melted. So, my advice, dont plan something out, be spontaneous and let what ever happens happen. hope it helped.

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