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what should i do to get over someone?

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i was dating this guy for 2 years but ive known him for 7 years of my life..we had a perfect relationship we did fight but who doesnt..in his mind fighting was bad because his parents never faught. he really truly is the definition of a first love. and it all started when he cheated on me over a summer with 3 girls, i didnt find out until 3 months after august and when i did i accepted his apology. i felt lower and lower about myself with accepting everything he did. he would verbaly abuse me and i would accept it. in my head i always kept it in because i just wanted to be with him. before he started college he broke up with me. and sometimes i still do cry about it. ive always been told im beautiful and im always confident, but he made me someone im not i constantly feel so ugly about myself and i have such a low self esteem.he constantly talks about me to his family and friends and its all bad, he says really mean things and half of it is not even true..what hurts the most is how he shows off his new girlfriend and yet knows it hurts me. i guess my question is how do you really get over a first love? and ex out someone who has been there for you for the hard ships of your life?...

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He doesn't care about you, first thing.

Maybe you should date some good guy, and you'll find true love waiting for you?

Getting over your first love is hard, but definitely not impossible.

Its like when you get high for the first time. You feel good and ****, but you know you wont be high all the time. You will get over this guy the same way. Stop thinking about it, you're a beautiful girl, many guys out there might be dying to be with you, why cry over a stupid guy? He didn't deserve you. And you deserve better.

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