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what does this mean?


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He wants to know if you actually have feelings for him, and if you were going out with him to get to know him better, which could mean that he wants to take your relationship a step ahead.

He wants to know if you were 'just hanging out' or have any intentions of a future relationship with him

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I think he wanted to know if you had a romantic realtionship or if you're just friends...to me dating doesn't imply commitment but it does say it's on the romantic side of the spectum and not just a friendship. If he's just now holding your hand that says to me he was a little unsure that physical advances would be welcome.

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wouldn't me responding by allowing him to hold my hand, kiss me etc. be enough for him to know that i'm into him? if he was really that into me wouldn't he officially ask me to be his girlfriend?


Not everybody uses the same words. "Dating" to him may mean more, as a word, than it does to you.


Are you seeing him exclusively (i.e. not seeing anyone else)? Do you want to?

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