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Getting a girl interested again?


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Just wondering, if a girl was interested in you at one point and lost interest (you were needy, some other dumb reason, etc), is it possible to get her interested in you again?


In my case, I started talking to this one girl in my social circle a couple weeks ago. We went out once and hit it off pretty well. She seemed interested at that point, but my friends ended up making it seem like I was coming off too strong/needy. She knew I was interested as well. We lost momentum after that, she became a little colder, and we haven't really talked much since.


We are still on friendly terms, but I want to start hanging out with this girl again and get to know her better. Any tips on how to get her interested again? We live in the same dorm building by the way, and share a couple of mutual friends.

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yeah it's totally possible that she could be interested in you again, just start hanging out with her and texting her again and stuff. I know personally, that I have initially had a little interest in a guy, but it kind of fades if I have a lot going on in other areas of my life (school, stress, family, exes, etc). But once things are a little more clear, I see myself starting to talk and date guys again.

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