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can't tell if she's flirtin and wants to get to know me


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Well, I started tae kwon do about two months ago and i noticed a pretty good looking girl in class.i only see her on Wed. cause she helps the instructor.I was planin on talkin to her before class on Wed. and then after got ready she came up to me and started talkin with me.First she wanted to know what school i went to, then she was sayin that she had noticed me from when i first started class and she wanted to know how old i was and what school i went to.Which was cool to me cause i didn't think she actually paid any attention to me.So anyways we talked about sports and i had asked her about when she started martial arts and other things about her. But then class started and i didn't have another chance to talk to her again. So I don't know if the next time I talk to her again if I should ask her to do somethin with me to get to know each other better or if I should wait a little longer. Any advice is appreciated. thanks

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