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What the hell is happening?


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One of my friends is going through almost the same thing I went through, and may be still going through, a few months back. I talk to both her and her ex on a somewhat daily basis and I'm getting two different sides to this story. In conclusion I have no idea what the hell is going on.


Long story short, he broke up with her out of the blue. He told her he wanted to figure out what he needed along with other problems. She begged him for another chance, but put his foot down and was very adamant about it. He said he wasn't going to date anyone for a year. While she sometimes tried talking to him, things would tend to happen (eg. kissing, touching) but they would always have an argument about it. They have mutual friends. So if she says something about him, he's bound to hear it. She kept talking about him, and crying about him to a point where friends started getting frustrated. So, he decided to end contact with her for a while. During the Christmas break I guess they talked again. This time, he called her saying he missed her and just wanted to talk. She said if there was nothing between them he wouldn't have said that. He couldn't argue with that. They met again and talked sometimes and stuff would happen again. This is all from both of their point of views together. Though, when I talked to him, he told me he told her that they need to get their friendship fixed first before anything happens. "If you expect nothing to happen, something will come out of it. If you expect something, nothing will come out of it". He said he was done in the most part and he doesn't know what's going to happen, but he's not sweating it. My friend told me that their fixing their friendship before their getting in a relationship.


As she's telling her friend this, I became frustrated and worried because I don't know what the hell is happening nor what's going on and I'm trying to figure out what. Even though it doesn't necessarily concern me, they both tell me their issues and it helps me. Does anyone know?


EDIT: Is this the push and pull theory?

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