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he hates me? please help


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Me and my boyfriend broke up almost 2 months ago now and for the first month after the break up we would still talk as friends. but recently he has been becoming more and more hostile and i feel like he is starting to or already does hate me. he unfollowed me on twitter, walks past me without acknowledging me, and things have gotten really awkward when they werent before. i dont know what happened. i know its not because hes talking to someone else.


even though we broke up i still really want to be able to talk to him at least a little bit. he is and was very special to me and i have never felt this way about anyone before. i dont want to lose him completely and i definitely dont want him to hate me.


has anyone had a similar experience?

what should I do? should i confront him? i have nothing to lose at this point so i dont see the harm in it.

why is he acting like this?

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He is doing what he thinks is best for him and for you and that is trying to move on. The more you talk, hang-out, follow him on twitter, the harder it becomes to accept that the relationship you had is done. It's for the best, I think you should NOT confront him and just keep on moving.

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