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Can't find the right words...

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Hey guys,


Having some trouble finding the right words to say to my boss since I am quitting. I feel bad doing this because they took so much time to train me and they really want me to come back next season (I work at an amusement park as a computer technician). My supervisor evaluated me today and said that I'm doing a great job so far and will be a big benefit to them in the future. However I'm quitting because I want to concentrate in school and social life (I have to work like every weekend). What should I say?

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Just tell them that you've enjoyed working there (if you haven't lie lol) you feel you've learnt alot from working there, but you have to focus on your school work and social life. They should understand that schools important and they might respect you for wanting to concentrate on school.

Just tell them, they can't fire you for it be polite when you do and that'll keep a good relashionship with them esp if you need a reference from them.

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Welp, I just told him that I quit. But it ended up being a good conversation. I told him that I enjoyed the job, etc. and that I would not be coming back next year (wanted to tell him that now so that they can hire someone else and train them before next season). They said that they really enjoyed having me here and that tomorrow will be last day of work there. After that I probably won't work again until next summer.


*Whew...man that was hard and ackward at first...*

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Yeah I'm glad it worked out for you. While I am of the oppinion that you do have to treat your employers with respect, I also believe you need to do what's in your best interest (whatever that is to you) and make no bones about it...employers are nice, but they are only doing what's in THEIR interest.


I don't mean to suggest you come at your employer thinking of it as a confrontation, but just to keep that in mind.

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