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Classic mistake!

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I made the dumbest mistake I could possibly make, and I feel like such a fool. After a night of partying I went to my exes house and tried to kiss him (I know, DUMB).

I also said some stuff about wanting to get back together, 'let me sleep over' etc.etc.

Me and the ex were just getting to a place where we were being civil/friendly, and I honestly started seeing him as a friend and feeling good about our contact (no breadcrumbs, just genuine friendliness).


So I pretty much freaked him out with my behavior. I crossed a line and I feel so stupid

I apologized for my actions the next day, and now he is saying that I crossed the line and that we should not speak for a few weeks. I'm so sad about this. I have been doing a lot of drinking/partying to distract myself, but it's just ruining my life at this point.. I was doing so well with my healing, I don't know if I can take any more setbacks

Any wise words for me?

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The feeling of regret it always worse than the hangover! I'm so sorry. I've ha that feeling (more than once unfortunately) there is not much you can do. I think once you have made a succinct, sincere apology, that's it.... I know it's hard because of your relationship status... But you're not the first to do this and won't be that last.

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