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Does anyone know how to act/look like a grown up? It is because sometime it depresses me that someone tells me I look a few years underage and that worries me...what shall I do? Does it mean that I need to put on makeup or something? Please give me some tips and advice...Does anyone ever experience that type of problem? Also, what kind of things do people base on when determining/predicting your age? Do they base on your actions, physical appearance or something else? Thanks a lot...

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haha. im 22 and people think i just graduated high school!

i think alot of it is how you look (dress, hair, makeup) but also how you talk, how you carry yourself. certain people just have older voices. i happen to have a very young sounding voice and a young looking face. i cant really help it. if you want to dress older, i guess stay away from younger looking styles, and also make sure youre wearing makeup in a natural looking way


btw, i dont think height plays a role in this whole thing

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I know EXACTLY how you feel. I'm in my mid- 20's and people still think I'm in high school! 16 yr olds think it's great to hit on me. And people constantly ask me what grade am I in. Ugggh. It's so annoying sometimes. I truly think guys my age don't go out with me because i look so young. And I carry myself like an adult and I try to talk and dress like an adult but it doesn't work. When I put on makeup I just look like a kid wearing makeup (I think).

It's tough but you have to continue to carry yourself like an adult. Stay away from the really young trends. For starters try to stay away from the Juniors department and look in the career wear area for mature, sophisticated, hip pieces. I don't mean the over 65 wear. You'll know the difference though, trust me. I agree with ctgirl, go natural with the makeup. Lots of makeup doesn't make you look older. It just makes you look fast.

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I would think that it would be a good thing to look younger.


I mean I look like I am still 16 or 17 but I am actually 19. It's not a big deal (at least for me) because some girls love the boyish look.


As for the women here who look much younger, just simply prove to other people how old you really are. They should be able to tell by the way you're talking and acting around other people.

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