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Im annoyed

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Im annoyed. I saw my ex from a distance today. I was with the guy that I currently like and have been spending a lot of time with.

Most of me is completely over my ex, can't believe I ever dated him, and feel so lucky to have this new guy in my life.

but part of me still lingers in that past relationship. Granted it was my first one ever and I did all of my firsts with him. But its frustrating that I still care for him like that.

Does it ever go away?

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That's true and strange.... In hind-site I have trouble figuring out why I ever loved him...

I haven't really figured out why I keep hanging onto the past.

We were very different people and I realized soon after we broke up that I missed the good parts of the relationship more then him. The dating was very much like cheesy ABC Family moments.

Perhaps its a desire for my new relationship to be more cute and straight-forward... I don't really know. Its confusing.... everything about relationships is confusing.

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