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I need help understanding gay people.

I need one man and one woman who are openly gay and have YIM to IM me so I can ask them questions about it.

No one has to do this this Is just so I can get a better understanding of it.

if someone is interested pls reply to this, and I will put up my YIM user name for you.

thank you.

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I am bisexual. My best friend is gay. I volunteer for the Human Rights LGBT chapter in my city.


My boyfriend is bisexual also. I helped him deal with realizing that he was. I have known that I am bisexual since I was about 3. I also do online volunteer counseling teens that are LGBT and are learning to deal and come out about it.


If you think I can be of any help feel free to email me, or add me to YIM or MSNM.


I think I got yahoo in my profile. I can't remember. Private message me, if you want to talk to me.

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