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Is it too much too soon LOL?too fast :X?


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Well long story short met her in my tour group, we talked on the last day (I think I made a decent 1st impression)


she added me on FB we've been talking since mid Dec, I let in a lil tease or flirt when I have a chance, complimented about her smile


covos last anywhere 20-30 mins almost every night. We haven't hung out yet because its not in our convenience I'm busy ,she's busy and now she's off to a 3 month camp program.


But she'll be coming back for a few days for new years which so happen to coincide with V day, was thinking of drawing a bouquet of roses instead of giving the traditional box of chocs and real roses.(not that I could see her anyway).


but is it too much too soon other suggestions?

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Okay cheers,


We were played 5 games few weeks ago each being more personal sorta, and on the 5th she asked what I would name my daughter so I asked what her ideal guy was she said positive attitude , supportive , and confident but no over, main things. I'm not sure if she's implying my personality. I've been told that I'm confident(personally I think I'm not as confident as people say I am), I am positive at most times and quite supportive(or so I've been told).


Also before she went off camp I told to "try and not miss me too much" she responded with haha Okay okay! I won't miss you too much xD.


texted her the week before Mainly I said Surprised? yadaydaydyaday and she replied "lol OMG hi! yadyaydaydyadyay(not important trust me).


having doubts here and there. Though I feel her responses are different from other girls I've tried to go out with.

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