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I broke NC today, and I don't know where it's left me

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Hi all,


I was in an 8 year relationship, 3 year marriage - civil partnership - with my wife. She left at the beginning of December and we were doing the friend thing, I thought because we were both girls it would be easier, and it was, until she told me last Saturday that she was seeing the bloke she's living with (I thought she was on the sofa). I went NC Saturday and haven't looked back (I am aware it has not yet been a week, but I was feeling good) Then my dad rang her to ask about some jeans and said he would ring her tomorrow (today). Then he said he wasn't going to, so I felt like I had to. I regretted it the minute the phone started ringing.


Anyway, she said some things like I get upset every time I see or talk to you because everything's changed, and the situation is crap, and when I asked what she wants now, does she want nothing to do with me etc, she said she wanted us to be friends, but that's not going to work, I said that was past tense and what did she want now and she said she really doesn't know. Does that mean I've got a chance now? I've made a huge effort to change since she's gone, not for her, but for me, and I know she's seen that change because she's told me. But she's still sleeping with him. She got naked in front of me last Saturday and was led in my bed watching films, I asked her why she did that if she didn't want me and she said it's because she feels comfortable. What the hell is going on? Do you think I have a shot with this woman?


I do love her, and would have her home in a heartbeat. I know what I did wrong and have made efforts to fix that. I know it might seem she's playing mind games, but I really don't think she is...





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