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So a little update it has been a rocky road. But I launched my first product yesterday. Kind of a beta test launch. Im launching 2 more this week and a marketing campaign will start.

Some sales are coming in from people sharing the news on facebook and so on. But its FAR from what I need it to get to.


Im still nervous and still scared but I keep trucking on.


Im aiming for international launch next month. Its difficult Im in debt, I have little money still making minimum wage to try to support me.


I try to think positive and at least I finished and will finish.


But the thought that haunting me is if this fails people will just remember it as something stupid I did.

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thank you. I think Im on my way and this will all end well.

It has been so much of a rollercoaster and I think the main thing Im happy is I found something that I really love to do.

I love to do so much I skip meals, training and no matter how down Im feeling I keep at it.


I try to think of a quote I heard a long time ago "Courage is not doing something when everything is fine, but to keep going when everything is falling apart."


I love my company and I love creating games.


I will not give up and I will keep going forward. I think in the long run as well I will be much happier.

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