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Have you tried Accutane(or the generic version of) recently?

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Hi I am new to this forum and I am looking forward to meeting people here online and asking question and giving advice if I can. I really need some advice about the medication Accutane. There are other versions of this medication in generic brands but I wanted to know who has taken it in the last five years and I wanted to know your experience on it. I was on it years ago but so much has changed that I know things are different now. I have mild to moderate breakouts before my period. So I am at the point where I am ready not to deal with this anymore. I just turned 40 and it should be gone. So I made the decision to start Accutane in the next few weeks. Just waiting on my blood work to come back. I am from CT and currently reside in NC. I am married with no kids. Looking forward to answers on here. Thank you.


Would love to get feedback about how bad was your breakouts, what side effects did you have on Accutane, did you notice a difference right away or did it take time if so how long? all information would be great.

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I stopped taking it in september last year after completing my 6 month course. Everyone will react to this drug differently, but for me i had very dry skin, bad back pain and joint pain (i couldnt lie down at night without being in agony), nosebleeds, cracking/bleeding at the corner of the mouth which turned to scabs. My cholesterol went sky high but because im young it was not a concern but at your age it would be more risky.


As for when did i see a difference, i saw it about a month after taking it but it is very common for people to get worse acne during the time on it before it gets better (i was one of the lucky ones).


You can google for the side effects as the list is plentyful, there are about 100 potential side effects and one of them which is very risky is depression as there have been many people who have committed suicide because they were on this drug. as far as i was aware America are aiming to get the drug banned because of this reason.


If you want any more information then PM me.

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Have you tried any other options before? Roaccutane should really only be prescribed as a last resort for those with really severe, persistent acne. I've been on every antibiotic, birth control pill under the sun and tried all of the topical treatments available to me before my GP would refer me to a Dermatologist for Roaccutane. Even then, the derma advised me that it's a very strong drug and to not consider taking it lightly.


If your acne isn't very severe, why don't you try an antibiotic to treat it? There are so many that if one doesn't sit right with you, you can just switch to another one and they come in varying strengths. I found that antibiotics, combined with Duac (benozyl peroxide and clindamycin) topical treatment and adding some Hibiscrub (available without prescription) to my face wash that I could control my acne for the most part, only getting break outs during particularly stressful times or when i'd not been looking after my skin as well. You say you haven't any kids, are you planning on becoming pregnant at all? If not, you could try going on Yasmin bcp which helps particularly if you notice your acne being triggered by hormones (which I suspect it may well be). If you're offered Dianette, however, do not take it as it's a very old pill which is stronger but has so many bad side effects it's not worth it (made me borderline suicidal, lol) Yasmin is the new, less risky version really.


Hope this helps!

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