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Winter = low energy / negative mood ?


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I'm a nurse, a very introverted one. I always prefer to stay home than to go out. Many years ago I let myself fall into a downward spiral of depression and I would be so reclusive that I wouldn' interact with real people for several days. I would just stay in my room with my computer. However, I eventually managed to kick the blues and stay active even if I'm still very introverted.


Right now I'm spending two weeks at home to pay for all the extra shifts that I worked on previous years. It's winter, always raining and I barely leave the house even though there's plenty to do outside around the house. I noticed that I'm feeling very demotivated, having many negative toughts, overeating and barely finding the energy to leave the bed or the sofa. And for no apparent reason.


I am aware of seasonal affective disorders and I don't think I have it. But I can't help but think that the lack of sun is messing up with my mood, specially because I felt so active last summer.


Has anyone experienced something like this? What did you try to help solve it?

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What is it that's keeping you from leaving the house to do... let's say grocery shopping or even visiting friends? Is it the weather? I've noticed that when I spend too much time inside or am stuck somewhere (even at home) for more than 2-3 days I start getting moody and frustrated easily. Sometimes I've stayed inside my apartment for 2 days straight without leaving (I might be an exception haha)... anyway that often leads to a short period of depression, usually a day. Going out solves that but the thought of being out in cold weather isn't fun. I think it comes down to a change in scenery. Seeing and experiencing the same thing everyday becomes incredibly dull after awhile.

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Guess am in the same boat, am very introvert person ..my mood swings keeps changing all the time.Sometimes am so quite not sure whether am lazy to speak, and then sometimes i speak a lot depends not with everyone am married very close to my husband only, no kids yet..I share any small discussions with him..last year I quit my job still sitting at home was doing regular workouts until October now stopped due to ego clashes with the people around me, getting so irritated with everyone these days, Of course am eating like hell,there was a time I used to read books stopped even that, all day am just sitting watching TV..am aware of everything but still have become so inactive, at times i even do not cook I ask my husband to buy something from outside or we go out n have it, My problem is I want to do lot of things but never push myself to do it..My self esteem has become so low..I know I got to work on it..But seems like I have lost interest in life..am just living tats it without any purpose..

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I started the "insanity" workout program, so that keeps me active, tired but very proud of myself so I don't mind winter or anything else. I think any kind of sport, dance, walks are good for depression like creativity and learning just try to make something or learn something new, a language, take some lessons related to something you are interested in... there is always something you can do...

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What is it that's keeping you from leaving the house to do... let's say grocery shopping or even visiting friends? Is it the weather?
I'm not sure.. the weather and the cold temperatures definitely make me want to stay at home.. But I feel it is mostly a motivation thing, because once I make up my mind, I get going and suddenly everything feels easier. I'm sure that there is probably a dozen of possible explanations for this lack of motivation in the first place. I was looking to see if anyone had any simple solutions to this problem. I've heard of using bright full-spectrum lights that supposedly help regulate our circadian rhythms and moods through modulation of our melatonin.. I've had a wacky sleeping pattern lately..



Looks like you have something slightly different. Have you tried canceling your TV service? If I could cancel my internet and TV service I would, but I'm quite sure that they aren't the main problem here. In my case I just don't want to leave bed. I stay under the blankets all day, trying to just sleep time away.



Thanks for your options, although I don't really need ideas on what to do, I have plenty of small personal projects and tasks to do in the backyard and around the house. I just wish there was something I could help me wake up in the morning and feel refreshed and ready to roll. Right now I just hit the snooze button and sleep away. Even if I wanted to start a workout program I would have to come up with massive amounts of motivation..

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well ! get your point here, its about something that can motivate you..if you don mind asking this do you live alone , or something bad has happened recently, how were you before ..coz in my case my main concern now is getting conceieved, and too much of irritation by family members, earlier I was working so very confident, the day i sat at home am totally in depressed mood..Guess ! If I have a kid or if I start work again..things might change lil for me.

In your case, may be somethings worrying you,I believe in one policy about life, we have just one life be happy and live to the full...its your life afterall

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You're not getting enough light probably. Light plays a huge role. When people have a graveyard shift or in a confined space with very little light they'll get sluggish as your body is not suppressing the melatonin level which is lower during the day. It tends to think it's either night or heading towards the evening. If you can't get outside or go to a place that has a lot of light, add some. Even get a high intensity LED light panels if you have to. An hour of being exposed to it will make a difference.


Also take some Vitamin D's and other supplements like quality multi-vitamin. It can only help

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@Princy, sidehop, Abigaelle

I don't live alone but my wife only gets home when the day is already over. Next weekend I hope I manage to spend a day outdoors, I'm thinking about doing some Geoaching. Unfortunately, weather reports predict rain on both days..


There are some minor issues happening in my life, but absolutely nothing that could explain my mood. I've never missed the sun so much before, not to the point of feeling this despair!.. and I can only begin to imagine what it is like to live in the northern regions of Eurasia or America!


Baby steps. I spent the evening with plenty of light in the rrom and had a warm shower before bed. Now I also need to stop using my phone and its bright screen when in bed. Supposedly, we need complete darkness when we sleep to also help regulate melatonin levels. And I probably should by one of those eye covers for when I really have to sleep at daytime after a night shift.


Thanks everyone for the inspiration, tomorrow will definitely be different!

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