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Nose in my business.....FOR WHAT PURPOSE ?!


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Why do people you work with feel they have every right to know your personal business ?

Why in the world would some engage in the drama, gossip and give someone something to talk about.

I'm not a very open person, especially with people i know they intents are bad and sense drama.

Like, they talk bad about you but they expect for you spill the milk on them about you.

They will take it personal if you try to get in their business.

But it's okay for them to interrogate you and want to know your whole life story.


For years, i have always been a rumor mill.

because of how i carry myself i'm a very blunt person and don't engage in drama.

You want to label me , because i'm not doing drugs and drinking like everybody else ?!

I get tired of getting confronted and then i blow them off.

It's bad enough i have my own problems and then have to deal with more stress at work.

Can cause a person to snap, but i been biting my tongue.

Because i have bills and there isn't anyone in there that's going to pay them for me. lol


Because i been in my moods at work and then to dealing with all the negative energy.

Me telling you all my business, what are you suppose to benefit from that ?!

Everybody else business hangs out at work. I'm not that kind of person.

I am the only one that's a mystery, because no one know anything about me.

So i guess they sit around and make up things to make them feel better.


Then make smart remarks about my name " LeQuincey ".

i guess being different/unique or whatever people are bothered by it.

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