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Qualities of a friend.

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Here's a quick question for anyone who will answer. Many of us have life long friends who we truly care for and respect. But what makes a friend a friend? When you really sit down and ask yourself why you are friends with a person, what particular qualities do they possess that stand out above others? In other words, what qualities do we look for in a friendship?

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From what i have seen in friendships, people tend to look for others with qualities and interests that they posess themselves. For example, practically all of my friends are like me because we are all really into sports. I see other groups of friends who are together because they are all into computers or clubbing etc.


I also think that a true friend is ALWAYS there for you, even during the tough times: when you are down they cheer you up, when you are bored they find something that entertains you, when you break up with a girl they comfort you and when you get in a fight they are right there fighting alongside you.


Thats my view of friendship!


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I have two really good friends and they mean alot to me because they always support me no matter what I'm going through and I do the same in return. We never judge each other always treat each other equal but mostly we are always there for each other and now we live several hundred miles from each other but we manage to always keep in touch. I feel very blessed when it comes to my friends.

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Yeah, I know a lot of people. Are they my friends? They'de say so. As for me, I call them acquaintances. They spread rumors, gossip, and turn on people like it's no big deal. That is not what I call a friend.


Then, there is my best friend. We never talk nasty about eachother. We give eachother advice, but still let eachother make mistakes. After mistakes are made, we're still there for eachother. She cares about people, and even though we're going in two separated directions in life and sometimes we don't agree on things, I know we will always stay in contact. Through thick and thin, no matter how many times we have annoyed eachother, we always know where we can go. There are some people I would never ask to do something for me. But her I know I can always count on to be there for me when I need her.


That is what I call a good friend.

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well lillady is EXACTLY right.I know how that is with the "backstabbing friend" thing. I had this one friend who was my best friend for 3 whole years.... I would do anything for him, stand up for him when he was wrong, and I was always there for him. But whenever I needed him he didnt "have time". I was a rock that he used to keep his feet dry while crossing the river. And I hate to say it because I'm a guy but last year I cried because we had never had any fights or anything but I called him on 3-way with a friend and he talked trash about me NONSTOP for 2 hours straight on the phone saying things like "yeah, im only friends with him so I can get in good with the popular people, and when I do then its all over".


You can never be sure of a real friend. But the way you will know is

- that person will always be there for you

- will stand up for you even when you are wrong

- they love you for who you are and NOT what you can do for them

- you have to get along good


and you have to be able to express your feelings to them. Even you guys, guys shouldnt be so macho. Jeez... I used to be like that till I met this guy who is my best friend for 8 months. I was so macho I never did anything like share feelings- but one day things were getting bad and were bad for several weeks with me and him and I HAD TO talk to him about it. He was so glad that I did cause it was bothering him too. It feels good to have someone you can talk to and get these kinds of things off of your chest.

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