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Am i hurting him?

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I am going out with this guy and it is such a beautiful relationship, but i am scared that i am hurting him. He has alot of pressures on him at the moment and i think that i am only making them worse. I am moving away soon to another country and when i go it is going to hurt us both so much. I don't want him to hurt, especially as he has so many other things on his mind.


Please help...

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Well, it isn't really your fault that you're hurting him because you're moving. Is it? That's something that I would think that would be out of your control and would be irrational for both of you to blame the other person for.


You can't help love, so you can't help hurting somebody by doing certain things. You just need to do your best to solve problems and help the other person. Just show him that you do love and care for him and I'm sure that everything will be okay. He just maybe needs to know you love him very much.

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