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really silent with my friends

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i have two main groups of friends one in my school of boys and one outside of school which are mainly girls(in my town,the girls and boys are separate.)


im having these problems wit the group of girls.we are all busy people and its difficult to meet up with them regularly.when we do meet up is at parties.we do also talk on MSN.

anyway,since i dnt hang out with them alot ive found that i dont know them as well as i thought i did.so i find it difficult to make conversation with them at the best of times.couple that with the fact that i am naturally shy(something ive worked hard to overcome)and im not a flowing conversationist!


anybody got any suggestions?

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hey thanks for the advice.


the problem is that i am being myself!(where i am shy.)in the past year,ive been working hard at my shyness and becoming more outgoing because previously i was really shy and didnt speak much.


i guess i am real annoyed that im still like that sometimes.i believe it was the nature of the party that made me that way as i am far more comfortable in a smaller setting.....thereforeeee wil be trying to get my friends in small groups rather than large ones.


anyway.....i guess i dont have much to talk to them about as im not to close to them.what good techniques are there in getting to know someone better?


any more advice appreciated.

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