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his "biggest" crush i found out about...

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Well, let's see.. my bf, (one month now) supposedly had a crush on me since 6th grade, and we've been friends for almost four years. Now we are in the 9th grade. Recently, we got together.. the only problem is we don't go to the same school anymore, and haven't seen each other at all.. and we only talk on the phone or AIM..

Well a couple of days ago, i sent him a quiz to fill it out.. and the answers would have sent it to me.. you know like a joke, cuz its not reallie a quiz, it just tells me the info. Well for biggest crush, i thought he would have said me, since he DID say he liked me for almost 4 years. Instead, it said my friend's name! i was so shocked! How could that be if he liked me??? I dont know if he just likes me now because he can't get with her, or he was lying about having a crush on her.

I don't really care if he liked other people, and it was okay last year when he told me he liked a different friend of mine, it didn't bother me at all, but for some reason when he said this girl's name, its been bugging me soo much!

I don't know, if this is gonna work out. He never calls me, or at least out of the times we talked, he has only called me 1/5 of the time.

I really like him, although I just realized it, but i don't know how it is going to work out.. any advice or comments??

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oh ya.. but i don't reallie know how it is, cuz we call each other our bf/gf, but its like, i can't reach him anymore! his voice message keeps on coming on everytime i call him! ughh this is so stupid!!..

and then i've been trying to schedule movies with him like 3 times.. and we havent been able to go.. he always comes up with an excuse.. we only live like 2 miles away, but still, we go to different schools, and my parents are kind of protective of where i go and stuff. u knoe.. so its hard to hang out on weekdays.. but we can never do anything on the weekends!! so what do you guys think i should do? tell him?

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well idk...hes either really shy or he might of never had a gf b4 so he probably isnt used to this type of stuff...


but maybe you should talk to him about you calling him and sh*t...idk...never been in this type of situation b4.


but if i were you, i wouldnt tell him about the quiz thing. you would probably have him stand in an awkword position. and then he might try to advoid you...


so i guess you guys should just talk about being with each otehr more i guess


sorry thats all the advice i could give


good luck

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