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Is it cutting or not?

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Well I believe the defination of cutting is the act it's self rather then the result. whether you cut deeply or just scratch the surface it's the same thing. Prehaps just the beginning of an dangerous habbit one that could easily escalate to life threatening cutting.


Don't ask "what is cutting" you should be asking "why am I cutting? What do I gain from it?"

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I use to 'scrape' as I called it. Because I never cut the skin or made it bleed I would just scrape it. Most of the time I felt like a whuss but I could never go far enough. Then eventually it got worse, and each time it would go a little bit farther. Finally it wasn't considered 'scraping' anymore, but finally considered 'cutting.'


But no matter what it is defined as, it's still self harm. You should figure out why you are doing it, and try to stop that reason. Because just a simple 'scrape' can soon become a very severe 'cut' in no time.




feel free to pm me any time.

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I used to do what I called "scraping" because it was never deep and never bled..I guess if you're not sure what to call it, just go with self-injury.


Just a word of advice from experience: cutting usually gradually gets worse. my counselor said it's something about over time you have to cut deeper and deeper to get the endorphins for the pain high. If you don't want cutting to be a part of you long term then try to find something else, because on once you start it just gets worse and worse. Best of luck.



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The way i see it cutting is cutting even if all you do is scrape im not going to tell you not to do this because through all my times i have found that people handle their problems diffrently and even if you thik cutting is better than suicide think about this 72% of all people who commit suicide began with cutting...somthing to think about huh...i just want to tell you a small bit of my story and you can check out the rest if you like in my post "suicide living...cancer killing" but anyway to break it down to yah i went to the doctor and found out i had third prognosis testicular cancer i was given a 30% chance of living (my doctors told me later that they had really ment i wasn't going to make it) but anyhow i went through one chemo treatment and told them i wasn't ever doing that again.I tried suicide alot of times but i went back to the doctor 7 months later and they told me i was cancer free nothing left im clean i thought i was going to die and i wanted to end it my way if i had ended my life i wouldn't have known that i was going to live. The last thing i want to say is even if life gives you a 1% chance of living then take that chance suicide gives you a 0% chance.

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