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what do u all think about first site attraction?

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It's indescribable. For me, this phenomena don't occur too often. All I can say is, it's a warm feeling, and I get butterflies in my stomach whenever it does happen. I love it!


I share your point of vieuw.

This phenomena come suddenlly and you're taken aback.

It's very hard to describe n captivating...

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Personally, I agree with Sheyda. I believe that true love occurs when you fall "in love" with the person for who they are. If it's love at first site, then there is absolutely no way to know what the person is like. I believe that If you fall in love with a person just by seeing them, then you are shallow (not to be cruel or anything).

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I don't believe in love at first sight either, but bf and I are kind of like that.


I think for us it was physical attraction, crush, and infatuation at first sight though. We both planned on breaking it off after 3 months, but somehow stayed together. I don't think we actually "loved" each other until 9 months later... right now we're at 16 months.

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