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hi, im am a 14 year old female and i am hoping some one will be able to help me with my current problem. you see, its about one of my really good friends, i have a big crush on. iv'e liked her for about a year now and i have never told her. i don't know for sure that she is a lesbian because i have never asked her. but i was wondering if anyone has any tips about flirting with her or even what i sould do about this situation. sometimes she seems to show intrest in me by makin eye contact with me or just looking at me alot and acting nervous. so it would be great if someone could give me some flirting tips and ways to make her get into me a little more.

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Okay, I'm not the best at flirting or even the best at knowing when someone is flirting with me, esp. someone of the same sex. I think you should make eye contact and hold it with her for as long as you can like you said that she's doing. If she's acting nervous around you and the two of you have been friends for a long time, she sounds interested in you.


You should ask her a lot of questions about boys. Does she talk about boys or act interested in them? A woman always likes to be complimented on things like the way they look so I would tell her she looks hot or beautiful when you see her and lift your eyebrows and kind of look her up and down when you do this...that will show you are interested.


I hope that helps.

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