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i don't understand him!?!

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I'm very, very, confused about this boy i like right now. usually understanding guys comes easy to me, but this one's is so difficult. last year we both liked each other but i was going out with someone else. we didn't talk all summer, and now that i have broken up with me old boyfriend i started talking to this guy again. we come to find out he tells a couple of my friends that he likes me. so i start to go up and talk to him more and more, call him every once in a while. but he will not put forth an effort to call me, or hang out with me. he's asked me to hang out with him one weekend and then we got in a fight cause i heard he was telling people he thot i was annoying. he apologized and everything was cool, so i thot. i know he likes me but everyone says he's scared to commit. he won't tell me what he's feeling. i like him so much, it drives me crazy cause we haven't even hung out outside of school. he goes through these fazes where he won't talk to me for a week. then he will out of no where. and he knows i'm crazy for him. i don't know what to do. please help me out, i feel like i'm wasting my whole school year on him.

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