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Give him a chance??? Advice needed pls


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I have the same problem. I want a relationship, but due to commitment to school, I've decided not to get involved with someone. There was a girl I really liked, but I didn't want a relationship. So I just settled for friends. If you really like this guy, but want to commit to school work too, you may have to settle just for friends. Yet, if you have the time to be able to handle a relationship, then go for it. Good luck!

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Thanx Alabama- I appreciate your advice. Well, I know me .....it would be better if I keep it as good friends for now. He knows I care about him very much and I know he will understand, besides, we do have a very wonderful & strong friendship. Who knows, this can end up being love...


I will be patient, and concentrate on school first.


Thanx again,


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