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My ex boyfriend and I of 7 months just broke up. He said that he needed to be alone, he has a lot of personal conflicts to sort out and he doesnt want to taint me because of his self hatred. He told me to stop clinging and to let him go, he didn't want to drag me through the mud anymore, etc.

Does anyone else feel completely numb after being dumped?Like, I don't feel anything at all.

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Yeah when I first lost my ex, I went numb. Everything I did felt like there was no purpose. I could literally hit my head against a wooden board and it didn't hurt, but made me feel better about things.


The initial part is killer, but it soon starts to feel like anger, then sadness, then your over with it.



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Gosh i know so much how you feel. I agree with ForAnother that the fastest way to get over it is to try and not keep in contact. Really hard i know. Try your best to keep busy and enjoy yourself with friends as much as possible. My mates are keeping my head above water at the minute. I've been here before and know it gets easier. Chin up.



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