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Where is the ride that will set me free

Its way ahead of me living

While I sit here with nothing to forsee


Where are the moments I want to live

Something too far for my grasp

Something has got to effin give


I stand outside screaming, "Why why why?!"

Why does it happen to me

Why does it make me want to just die


I stand by myself in the darkness

With no other clear path

With those thoughts of times I'll miss


Oh please tell me how shall i pay

Show me whats there to live for

Cause i want to catch that ride someday


Shattered dreams

Broken wings

Fading beams

Failure swings


While i feel the karma god's wrath


I swear its all my fault again

I swear its my bad karma again

And I'm just gonna have to live with it again

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this poem basically summarizes this:

the girl that has been flirting with me and leading me on for 2 weeks declined my invite to homecoming.

my truck is wrecked and i almost died.

i told my parents im not a jehovahs witness, and now they dont treat me like a son anymore. today i told my mom, "hi how was your day?" she replied, "idiot."

my friend said she would pick me up and take me to homecoming along with her friends. she never called me and picked me up.

i asked the other girl who lead me on if she could atleast drop me off at my homecoming, she was at her football game.

my parents are threatening to not let me go to college.

they are threatening to take me out of public school.

they are threatening to take my truck away.

i havent had any fun time for 7 weeks now. all study and work.

my church friends wont talk to me because of how i believe, im "bad influence"

i just got a 71 in AP economics on my report card today.

ive never had a girlfriend.

ive hardly any friends at school because of the isolation this religion has forced upon me.

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