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Smile With the Rain


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Its been raining here!!! haven't seen rain in 2 months since home. Thought I'd write some remembrance. Hope you like it.


Smile With the Rain

Its been a while

It hasn't rained in my presense

In some time.



Exploding with splashes,



They step

And say "crap!"

But when I step,

I look down at my wet foot

My soaked pant leg

And smile.

It feels like home.

It feels like the days that were my worst,

And for some reason

I can smile now.

I've been at the bottom of this puddle

And it has yet to see the bottom of me.


It rains a little harder.

I take off my hood

To let my hair understand what the rest of me feels.

Look up

Eyes closed

Tongue out

And my thirst is quenched.

My burning tired eyes

Heal from the chill of the water.

As I walk inside,


And tired,

I tell myself

That today,

Is a great day.



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