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Why do I feel vulnerable when I am around him??

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When ever I am around this particular guy I end up feeling vulnerable and quiet emotional. It effects the way I act, the way I talk to him and most of all the way I treat him.


Does anybody have any insight as to why this happens and is there a way I can stop feeling the way I do?



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DO you like this dude? if so that may be why its called shyness and most people get a lil case of it when they are near the special person...or whatever u wanna call it...


Just be yuourself and hard as that seems its not that hard...Make him laugh Guys love funny girls but dont over do it or they may get scared off..


Past Expierence^^^ lol


But yeah just play it cool dont act all temid and shy but the guy u are being like this around he may feel the same way and not know how to approach u and may even stop approaching u if u keep it up...Ide just be or TRY to be real outgoing..Touchy, flirtatious,eye contact


Just get out there and be the best you ya know? try to just block the shyness by pretending to be someone else..But be yourself do u get me?? lol

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may i ask if you 2 ever got into a big argument and he yelled at you or hit you or insulted you really bad. if so you may not know it but he may have left an emotional scar with him. you say its only this particular guy.. or maybe you heard something bad about him like he hit his GF and now you have a sense of fear for him. You may wanna try being less mean to him talk and try to get over it.

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I think some people just rub us the wrong way. I've met people that I just immediately don't like, they seem shady or like they're hiding something, like they have some deep dark secret or something. I just get that icky feeling. I just can't put my finger on exactly what it is that bugs me about them. I think our sixth sense kicks in a lot of times for protection and you should never ignore it.


Perhaps you are worrying too much about something that doesn't really matter as long as you avoid him? Obviously it won't be difficult since you aren't attracted to him?

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