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I think some people sees this kissing thingy as a way to gain some new self confidence, if they kiss the one part may think as it as a lot, while the other part just sees it as a normal act. It really depends on your experiences and how open you are as a person, and how much you think you could do towards another person, without getting rejected?

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I totally agree with Cutie101 you don't have to kiss on a first date. I have went out a lot of times just to be with the person talk and get to know each other and try to develop a relationship that will grow into something really special and the kissing will come with time if it is what you both want but it is really to soon to know every time n the first date if that is truly what both of you want.

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its fun...ive never gone out with anyone just to kiss them, but when im out you just kiss someone...its fun. my body craves kisses....im really missing them now, and thinking about them argh i need to make out with someone! someone i like would be amazing! its really amazing when you make out with someone you've fancied for a while!

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