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A woman at my church


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I would really appreciate some advice for my situation. Recently

at church every sunday I have (on 2 occasions now) noticed a

really stunningly beautiful woman that always seems to sit in the

isle to my right. But this sunday something really strange was

going on with her. I may be mistaken but I think she was

looking at me. She was in the isle to my right and sitting

about 3 rows infront of me, but I'm sure that she looked

back at me at least 3 times during the service. I did not look directly at her, but I could see her looking at me out the corner of my eye.

Now the thing is I would really like to say something to her,

but as you know it is a church situation. My other thought

was to join some church activities with the hope that she belongs

to one of them and we can meet. But I feel that is too much of

a longshot. I just want to talk to her, but I need an excuse

so that it does not seem too obvious...

Any advice?

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Why not start by just making friendly conversation on the way in or out of the service, its probably the best opportunity you will get to speak with her. Im not sure exactly what you could talk about given the setting but i suppose you could ask if she enjoyed the service.


From what you have said it sounds like she may be interested in you so im sure that if you run out of things to say she will find something to talk about. You would only be talking for a few minutes so just think of a few relevant things that you could say beforehand so that you will be confident in talking with her.


Best of luck to you!


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