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what do guys really think

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hey i have a question for all u guyz that are out there

if a guy tells his friendz that he thinks your really pretty (a guy thats about 14) wat does this mean? does that mean that he ONLY thinks your pretty or does it mean that he likes you.....or does he plan on asking you out or something? help would be greatly apprciated



+do guyz think that every gurl is pretty or is it supposed to be considered special if a guy that alot of gurlz like calls u pretty? lol hehe

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Well, you should always tell a girl that there pretty, it's just being polite but usually when i do it i plan on asking the girl out really soon.He is probably going to ask you.but there are chances her wont.



oh and some people are to shy to say that a girl is pretty infront of there face or something.He might like you.Hope everything goes well

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