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anorexia in girls

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Here is some info:


anorexia nervosa

{an-uh-rek'-see-uh nur-voh'-suh}


Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by self-imposed starvation, which leads to emaciation and, in females, loss of menstrual periods. The person starves because of a strong desire to be thinner and a belief that his or her body is too large. Anorexia nervosa typically occurs in adolescent females; a few patients are older or male. The disorder occurs in life-threatening form in about 0.2% to 0.5% of females; mild variants are about five times as common. Anorexia nervosa patients commonly exercise excessively to burn calories, and some have a bulimic form of the disorder (see bulimia).


Factors related to the development of anorexia nervosa include cultural pressures on young women to be very thin; problems with low self-esteem, mental depression, and a need for excessive control; fears of independence and emerging sexuality; and family relationships that impede autonomy. Once the person begins relentless starvation, sleep is disrupted, temperature is reduced, body hair falls out, blood pressure decreases, and concentration is often impaired. Brain chemicals necessary for transmission of nerve impulses (serotonin, norepinephrine) are also reduced; this may contribute to the development of chronic anorexia nervosa. Treatment consists of a combination of nutritional rehabilitation and individual and family counseling. About 60% of anorexia nervosa patients recover permanently, while others have recurrent episodes; 5% to 10% die.


If this person can't live a normal life... can it give life...?

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Hi Bluey and Gauchori,


Actually Bluey, I agree with what G is saying here. Not eating is systematically avoiding food which is a life-giving substance. If she is refusing to eat right now, what makes you feel that she will eat in the future or while she is pregnant?


She may avoid people who are very nurturing as they may make her want to eat. She probably gets the best grades in school and is very self critical. I would say that counseling is in order here. At least make sure that she gets a trip to see the nutritionist.


Good Luck...


She needs to love herself to feed herself, right? It is most likely a self esteem issue. Does she spend a lot of time criticizing others?

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The others are right.


Besides, consider this: Anorexia and other eating disorders are potentially life-threatening. Left untreated, these diseases *will* kill the person who suffers from them. A person can only live so long without nutrients; and, eventually his / her heart, lungs, and other vital organs will start failing because they have grown to weak to function. The fact that your friend still hasn't received her period may well indicate her body is already suffering from malnutrition.


A woman can't have a baby if she's dead, now can she?


If this girl is your friend, you need to go to a trusted adult and tell him or her what she's doing. I've been where you are, and I told. She was angry for a while, but she got over it and we became friends again. Granted, your friend may not understand and may stay mad forever. But, ask yourself this: Would you rather have an angry ex-friend who received help and continues to live her life, or a happy friend who you can only visit at her graveside?


If this girl is you, you still need to go to a trusted adult and get help. You won't be able to whip this on your own.

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Another little thing that I'm gonna add. She may live... but you know... the brain is hungry all the time. Every hour, every minute, every second. It makes it nutrients from food and the chemicals that are sent to the brain for different things can only work if the body is working itself. If the brain does not recive what it needs and wants... it may not work. Brain cell will die out, parts of the body will not function correctly or may not function at all.


If the brain does not get its food to work, it may not do it job how it should and may not send the messanges everywere in the body, witch it does. What about if the cell that sends messanges to the heart dies out...? Not such a little thing huh?

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