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Yet another girl


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Ok there is this one girl in my class.. since i seen her i sorta liked her but we chatted a couple times in person real quick and like once on the internet but everyday in class i catch her out my corner of my eye starin but yet she likes 2 stare and smile ... but in tha lunchroom i see her lookin .. i jus dont kno if she is jus tha type that stares and smiles a lot or what but she is a shy girl ..

one tyme i was in 7th prd and the door was locked i opened it for her and she moved 2 tha side like laughin and smilin .. ionno any tips??





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OK, if she is a shy girl, she is staring and smiling for a reason. She is probably too shy to say anything, so my advice is make the first move as she probably wont. If she is shy it sounds like she may be interested, if it was just a glance it would be a little harder, but if it is a deliberate stare and smile, than I would say it's only just short of a definate (as nothing is definate).


Good luck

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