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Should I resign now or should I be nice

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Hi there,


I started this job hoping to transfer to another position that I was under experienced. A year ago, I applied for the position & was turned down due to experience (excuses). I was highly disappointed in the management.


Sometime ago my manager approached me for the position, went through some harsh discussions & eventually it was offered. I wasn't too excited because I was worn out from the wait & lost faith in them.


After all that, my team leader was stressed because the team is under staffed & he cannot afford less. He told me the transition may have to wait & went around talking to managers to postpone it. I told him I wouldn't prefer any later than end of year but it is now decided on next May.


After 3.5 years on the same job, it seems I've only got two choices: quit or stay.


My concerns are:


I don't want to stress or displease my team leader because he helped me in getting the transition. The team's been hiring unsuccessfully & workload's high. Quitting now would make me feel guilty & make him think I'm irresponsible.


They've already offered me the new position, quitting now might give them bad impression & think that I'm not dedicated.


I'm worried that it's harder to find a new job without a current job & it's taking forever to find the right job.


Most importantly, I'm sick of my current job, feeling it's wasting my time & really want to move on.


I feel maybe I should talk to my team leader again, how should I do it?


If I'm to leave, what's the best way for me to leave on a good term?

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Hmmm, Its poor planning to leave your job before you have the next one lined up.


I am in the US, things might be different Down Under, but these are people you work FOR, they pay you, you work. Unless you have a contract, you don't owe them much. Here, two weeks notice is customary.


I worked for a company after I should have left out of a misplaced feeling of loyality to a supervisor. Eventually, he moved on to another job and I was still there.


In your career you need to decide what is best for you, not what is best for the company you work for at least in so far as choosing to go or stay.

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I think of it like this: why did they hire me? to make money for them. Why am I working? for the most part, money. It's a business. Nobody can blame you for leaving for a better situation. Find a better situation and take it! You would be leaving too soon if you didn't have something lined up. Nobody can blame you for taking the sweeter deal! If the situation fails without you there, they have only themselves to blame for not providing a good work environment and pay for their employees.


Good luck.

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