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G/f on pill and chances are?

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hi everyone! my g/f is on the pill she has been for like 3 years or something, we have had sex quite alot over the last 4 months. im just wondering what her chances of getting pregnant are when im not using a condom? i have never actuallly came in her, always pull out (i know about pre cum) sometimes we use condoms aswell im just wondering if there is any reason to be worried.

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If she has been on the pill and hasn't missed taking it, chances are you are good. However, you're never going to be 100% sure of anything. ALWAYS wear protection unless, of course, you are willing to have a kid. That is a big responsibilty, and growing up and maturing to prove you are responsible may mean you need to wear protection. Stay as safe as possible dude, but you can only stay 100% safe by not having sex at all. You should be ok, but if you are worried I would get her to see a doctor.



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The following is straight from the information enclosed with my birth control pills:


The chance of becoming pregnant is approximately 1.0% per year (1 pregnancy per 100 women per year of use) when the pills are used correctly, and no pills are missed. Typical failure rates are approximately 5.0% per year when women who miss pills are included. The chance of becoming pregnant increases with each missed pill during the menstrual cycle.


The above quote is supposedly regarding oral contraceptives in general (not just the pills I'm taking). Oral contraceptives are among the most effective forms of birth control (excluding abstinence and anything permanent, of course).


So... If she takes her pills each day like she's supposed to, pregnancy is highly unlikely. However, I suspect that some teenagers may be more likely to miss pills than older women (if they're hiding pills from parents, less of a normal routine to remind them to take pills, etc.).

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thank you for the feedback. she doesnt hide her pills either, she started going on them because her period was really heavy at first. the hormones in the pills helped balance it out for her. her mom knows shes on it. and she tells me she has never missed one. so i guess thats good lol.

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