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My girl and I have been talking online for about 4 years. Then we met in person and as soon as we did...we loved each other. I mean really loved.


Now that she is college though, she is confused. She broke off her relationship with me cause of mom, school, distance and etc. But now, she doesn't know what to do. She still finds herself thinking about me all the time nonstop. Even when shes with her friends/other guys, she is still like this. Shes honestly tried to be with other guys, but then she has no feelings for them.


I also think about her all the time as well. Its like a relationship that will never die. Which is not a bad thing, but I dunno....


I even tried to talk to other girls and etc. Just to get my mind off her. Still no luck cause I don't have feels for them. Something stupid or dumb as a word or a object brings back all the memories.


Please help...please...



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Long distance relationships are hard work. It sounds like you and this girl really do care for each other. With long distance relationships, you either are or you aren't in a relationship, there is hardly an inbetween. My boyfriend is 500+ miles away, and I get to see him every three months. It is extremely hard to handle at times. I'm sure this girl loves you very much, and I can tell that you love her as well. The best thing for the both of you is too stay positive and truthful. Trust and communication are the top priorities in long distance relationships. As long as you both keep communicating, you will figure out what is best. Even if it means doing your own things for now until she is done with school, there is nothing wrong with that, and you both will be able to discover each other more and have more experiences to share once you can be together. Everything happens for a reason, just let her know that you are there for her and support whatever desicion she makes, that is true love.

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I read a study a few years back that showed what distance will do to relationships.


The study found that if the couple have strong feelings for each other and are very bonded the distance is actually good for their relationship. Through the distance they will feel their love for each other more, and be even more committed to their relationship.


However, if the couple has little or not feelings for each other, it is surprising how fast the two will break up.


If the couple has moderate feelings for each other, the relationship usually last about a year before the two sides decide they have no more feelings for each other.


The study was done on college freshmans with high school sweet hearts I believe.

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