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So Poor You Having NOthing To Eat

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I was just wanting to know if there is anyone here who is or has been so poor that they have really had nothing to eat for a long time. I am sure there are some people like that, except its rarely talked about here all in other places. Is there anyone like that here?? Whats it like? What does continual hunger to do you? What can be done to help hungry people?

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for people in such poverty to the point of no food there are tons of charity drives, and once and a while my friend will drive by a starving homeless guy and offer to buy him a big mac, and so long with out food you'll take anything thrown at you, so she'll drive to McDonalds and buy him food and a cookie plus a drink and come back and give it to him. and some churches open their doors on holidays to serve the poor a decent holiday meal

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If there is, and they are in the United States, I hope that they know they can visit their local food bank and get some food.

They can also provide information there about resources available to help with other things including warm coats for winter.

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I'm having to stay with my uncle right now since we are 'homeless' and we didn't have food at his house the first few weeks I was here. We went to a local place that gave away food and got a box of it, and then he got food stamps but there for a few weeks we didn't have food. I still got to eat, so I don't know what it's like being starved, I think the most I went without eating was a few days. But nothing severe. But there are usually local places that give food away to people like that.




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It is true that most poor people who don't have food are very imbarrased about it, and would rather hide and starve, before thy accept charity. We belong to the roundtable charity organisation, and get to go to really really poor neighbourhoods, where we go to once a week and host a "soup kitchen" We give them a plate of cooked food. What's even worse is we prepare food packets for them, but can't put stuff like toothpaste or flour in it, becouse they dont have electicity or running water. Toiletpaper is also kinda useless. We cant put stuff in that is tinned, becouse they don't have tin openers etc. It is really really bad.


We have built up a trust relationship with some folk there, and they will coach the others out of their homes to come and grab a bite to eat.


I also support a homeless old man, by stopping at a certain streetcorner everyday on my way home from work where I always give him some food, and change. He's a wandering soul, but never fail to show up for his food. He really smells of dirt and urine, and is mostly confused, but I don't judge him. I tried taking the guy to a rehab centre for homeless people, but they usually get into fights emongst each other, and then run away. he lasted 2 x weeks before showing up at the corner again. He lives in an abandoned house garage. He sleeps on cardboard boxes. It is especially bad in the wintertime, I always wonder if the old man froze to death the night before, but low and behold, he always shows up..


Every night I pray and say thank you for the roof over my head, people who love me, and food on the table.



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